“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”
-Mike Tyson

I talk often about pattern interruption, breathing, mindset, and play.

These concepts may seem tertiary at first glimpse in the context of fighting.

Yet, these lessons are powerful in fighting.

One of the crucial examples can be seen in classes and gyms across the world.

Watch when someone eats a good punch, gets slammed with a swift takedown, or gets dominated in a round of rolling.

How do they react?

Often, it’s anger, frustration, rage, panic, or the like.

Our sympathetic nervous system kicks on.

Our breathing speeds up, we get tunnel vision, we let go of control.

It’s a mini adrenaline dump that highjacks the body.

If we look at the concepts of breath, pattern interruption, mindset, and play, we can use this incredible moment to increase these elements with one simple word and one simple gesture.

The next time you take a hit, simply smile and say “Nice!”

It’s simple and it can be difficult. The pay-off is incredible.

You win the morale game against your opponent.

You build a bond with a training partner.

You keep your head in the fight.

You maintain your breath.

You enjoy the process which leads to longevity in training.

The list goes on.

It’s a super power.

One that is a simple gesture and one simple word away.

NICE!  🙂

Go forth and be awesome!

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