Writing Is Thinking

Writing is Thinking

The words we use internally create stories.

Those stories begin to shape our identity. Shape our future.

A hurdle we often run into while developing a mindset or language practice, is that these words and stories can come and go very quickly in our mind.

It can be more difficult to build that awareness initially.

In a conversation with James Clear, he mentioned that “writing is thinking.”

When we take time to write things down, it forces us to slow down and face our thoughts.

As they get on paper, we read them, and reread them. We get to look at them, analyze them, and most importantly optimize them.

For me, this is where the true benefit of a journaling practice comes into play.

Whether we’re addressing internal self talk, structuring a lesson plan, solving a problem, or preparing for a presentation. Writing things out allows us to more effectively address, organize, and super charge our thoughts and our focus.

There are many styles, prompts, and systems to developing this practice.

Start simple.

Each night before bed or first thing in the morning, set aside 10-15 minutes and simply write anything that is in your mind.

Get your thoughts out of your head and onto paper.

Turn the negative thoughts to positive focus. Lay out action items for the day ahead.

Spill your emotions onto the page.

Or simply write down how delicious your dinner/breakfast was.

Anything that comes to mind.

The progress is in the practice. The doing.

Go forth and be awesome!

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