Cold Exposure

Breath is such a powerful tool.

Performance, stress management, emotional strength.

The list goes on.

One of the greatest practices, in my experience, for learning to utilize breath under stress is cold exposure.

When we become stressed, our body tenses up, our heart rate increases, and we begin to breathe rapidly and in our chest.

The same things happen when we are exposed to cold.

By intentionally and meaningfully exposing ourselves to the cold we can learn to regulate our breath, slow our heart rate, and lean into the sensations instead of shutting them out.

A simple way to begin to implement this practice is with a “cold finish” to your shower.

Simply end each shower with 30-60s of cold water.

Set your intention before you do it.

Focus on your breath.

Be in the moment.

Over time, you can work towards longer cold showers and even the exciting ice bath.

Tis the season for cold showers, and with that comes incredible potential physically and emotionally.

Go forth and be awesome!

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