The One Thing

When we are faced with tons of goals, and tons of options, and tons of challenges, it can be easy to get caught up and frozen in the moment.

Remember that old paralysis by analysis conversation?

So we know that we should pick something and do it, the question becomes… What THING should we do?

If we want to find a bit more direction in our action, we can ask ourselves:

What is the ONE thing, that will make everything easier or no longer an issue?

Take five minutes and write out a list of ten things you imagine you ‘should’ or ‘need to’ get done.

As you look over that list is there ONE task that would accomplish multiple goals and/or make things easier?

If so, do that thing.

Is there something you have yet to add that can do that?

Possibly increasing communication.

Delegating tasks.

Setting a schedule.

You get the idea.

As humans, our energy is best focused on one direction at any point.

Full focus.

Full presence.

We get to leverage that power by identifying the ONE thing that will make everything easier and focusing our attention there.

It’s ok if some things are left alone for a bit, if where you are focusing will improve them or remove them in the long run.

So what’s the ONE thing you can focus on this week?

Go forth and be awesome.

By the way, if this post made you cringe or have you shared, go read the book ESSENTIALISM. It’s a very impactful read!

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