Training vs Testing

We see this often in training and in life, we skew the line between what is training and testing.

Learning and improving, versus evaluating.

Often, in my experience, this stems from the absence of intention.

We assume that simply doing more, harder, faster, is the way to improve.

Initially this will carry us.

We see improvement, so it must be working…until it stops.

Be it burn out, injury, or lack of progress.

When we begin to see the importance of training separate of testing, we increase our potential for success over a long period of time.

Set your intention heading into training sessions.

Am I training? Looking to improve a skill or skills? What are those skills? How can I best focus on refining those skills?

Am I testing? Looking to evaluate where I’m at in a specific concept or skill? What am I evaluating? What is the most meaningful way to test it? What is the best metric to focus on? What did I learn from the test?

Go forth and be awesome.

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