Short Term Goals for Long Term Vision

Knowing who we want to be in 5-10 years is very important.

It helps us to set our North Star and make decisions that align with that future.

It can be intimidating to set that vision.

That’s a BIG question.

Who do I want to be?

Once we do set it, it can often be challenging to keep that long term vision in focus.

As humans, we are often attracted to the immediate satisfaction, which tends to pull us off our intended path.

The reality is, focusing on short term satisfaction is more likely to hurt is in the long term.

And the actions taken to stay focused on the long-term, are generally less satisfying in the short term.

There’s a way to leverage our human nature to achieve our long term vision.

Set tangible short term habits, goals, milestones that match our long-term goals.

Seems simple enough, yet, often we set short term goals with only short term goals in mind.

As 2021 approaches are you setting goals for the months, quarters, and year to improve by 2022?

Or setting goals for the months, quarters, and year to be where you want to be in 2031?

Take some time. Think BIG. Then get small.

Set your long term vision, then set the milestones that will get you there.

10 yr: Have established training facility with 300 members because I want to share my passion with my community
5 yr: Open training facility
1 yr: Blue Belt in BJJ and pass L1 in Krav Maga
1 quarter: comfortably train 2 hrs per day, 5 days per week
1 month: constantly train 4 days per week
Today: schedule first class

Want to dive deeper into establishing habits? Check out the book Atomic Habits by @jamesclear

Want to take big action in 2021 and crush vision, goals, and habits? Reach out to @mycoach_michelle and get in on her 2021 New Years Evolution program!

Go forth and be awesome!

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