Breath With Intention. It’s a Super Power!

Defeat ANY opponent in just THIRTY SECONDS!!!

Just kidding…

Kind of.

(Soft talk acknowledged)

I talk a lot about breathwork and harnessing it for life, training, and beyond.

There’s a reason.

It works!

It also takes practice.

Intentional practice.

Start by practicing breathing under controlled and calm circumstances to learn and feel.

Then, begin to intentionally place it in areas of stress in your life that you have awareness of and control over.

This is a link to a video from my training session this morning.

3 min AMRAP
20 cal row
— w remaining time
2 gorilla rows
2 kb full cleans
2 alt kb thrusters
w/ 53lb KB
rest 2 minutes
3 rounds

This is a perfect workout to place intentional breathing for recovery under stress.

This video is at the end of round 2, so I have one more round to go.

Watch the changes from the last rep to about 30s into breathing.

The tension in my face and body.

The rate of breath.

The smile at the end.

It’s a super power!

Breathe with intention.

Volume on the inhale, length on the exhale, smile on the face. 😎

Self Talk in Training

“Ugh, I hate this.”

I love this.

I choose this.

“I hate rolling with him, he always taps me.”

I love rolling with him. I get a lot of opportunities to learn something.

I love rolling with him. He often taps me. When that happens, I can ask about the situation and learn how to improve.

“I can’t do that.”

I can do that.

I can learn.

I can improve.

I will improve.

“I’ll never win.”

Sometimes I’ll win.

Sometimes I’ll lose.

Often I learn.

“I’m failing.”

I’m learning.

I’m growing.

“They’re going to beat me.”

I’m going to beat myself… If I keep talking negatively.

They’re going to teach me.

I’m going to improve, if I set meaningful intention.




Be present.

Self talk in training is crucial to trajectory.

We can make or break ourselves by the thoughts we have in our heads.

Want to dive deep into this concept?

Join Mark England, Brandon Powell, and myself February 27th and 28th in Columbus, Ohio.

Two full days of breathwork, language, mindset, fighting, scenario training, and firearms.


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