Strength Matters. Flexibility Matters. Speed Matters.

In self defense and personal protection, fitness matters. 

Strength matters.
Flexibility matters.
Speed matters.

In an industry built on a foundation of physical techniques and movements, the ability to physically perform these things is directly impacted by our overall fitness. 

The stronger, faster, and more confident we are, the higher our potential of surviving many different dangerous situations. 

I’ve programmed tens of thousands of workouts over the year for athletes of all different backgrounds, myself included. 

Recently I have begun putting those programs together for others to explore. 

If you’re looking for guidance in improving your strength and conditioning for life and fighting, take a look at the following programs. 

If you have any questions about your own personal journey, reach out to and I would love to support you in that!

Got forth and be awesome!

  Warrior Mace Program: 

Combination of fighting skills and steel mace training for all levels. All you need is a steel mace for this program. 30 daily guided lessons. 

  Sled Program: 

This program utilizing the sled for whole body strength and conditioning, is unique from anything out there. The sled is versatile, and often underutilized. This program will help body raw strength, increase overall conditioning, and is great for increasing stability. All you need is a sled and some weight plates. 

  Body By Jannetti: 

This is a higher intensity program built to increase your ability to move intensely combining weightlifting, bodyweight exercises, and much more. If you have access to a functional fitness/crossfit style gym, this program will guide you in utilizing that equipment to highly optimize your ability to fight, drag, lift, and smash. 

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