Pen, Paper, and the Future We Fear

Getting our thoughts on paper is powerful.

Out allows us to create space between us and those thoughts.

To sit with them.

Pull out things that are important.

Remove the cloud.

Find focus.

I’ve been using this lately to explore fears.

What’s the event bouncing around in your head that scares you?

Brings about anxiety.

Is it losing a job? Losing a loved one? Someone attacking you? A difficult conversation going wrong?

Write it out.

Get that fear in front of you and on paper.

Now that we can see it, let’s explore a few questions.

What actions would I take if this happened?

What tools and resources do I have available to prepare and mitigate this?

What tools and resources do I have to support me if this happens?

What tools or resources do I wish I had in this event? How can I get access to them?

What affirmations can I create to support me in preparing for and dealing with this event?

When we get it in front of us and create an action plan, it takes away the fog of imagination.

It makes it tangible.

It preps us for action.

Grab your journal and give it a try.

Go forth and be awesome! 😎

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