KCC and Focused Intentional Practice

The main mission of the Knife Control Concepts program is to create focused and intentional practice on the ever changing energy in a knife defense situation.

The main variable in our ability to execute any technique, or movement, is how much we practice it.

The more time we spend drilling, practicing, failing, adjusting, evolving, the higher our potential to utilize that skill set under stress and in real time.

That’s important to understand.

How do we guide people to genuinely practice, absorb, correct, and own the concepts and skills that may save their life?

That is the question that this entire program is built on and ventures to solve.

It encourages coaches and students to implement things they may already know and optimizes their ability to access those areas in the fight.

The knife defense that works, is the one YOU can actually perform.

The next KCC Instructor Class begins April 11th.

Enrollment is open through April 5.

It runs eight weeks, and you complete it all from your own home or training facility.

Physical training, coaching and leadership development, support and communication throughout the eight weeks, and a community of coaches that elevate each other.

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