Core Values

Having core values or principles helps us to focus where we place our time and attention.

Making sure we identify them and reinforce then is important.

When we take the time to write out, analyze, and set principles we bring me meaning to it.

These principles are a compass.

They keep us pointed to our true North.

When we have yet to set those values, it becomes more difficult to set meaningful boundaries for our time and attention.

Without boundaries, we often float through life letting other people, and things steal or direct that energy.

Boundaries keep us moving forward and actually create more freedom. More peace.

When we know what matters most to us, it becomes easy to say no to things that seek to distract us.

It becomes easier to focus on the things that make us the happiest, and allow us to show up at our best.

Take some time and identify your true values, principles, priorities.

Identify WHY those are your values.

Use those to plan your weeks, and support your decisions.

If it’s out of alignment with your values, say no.

Go forth and be awesome! 😎

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