Open The Fuck Up

‘Harden The Fuck Up’ is a widely used concept, especially in the fitness and fighty world.

The idea that life is tough, so shut up and deal with it.

There’s a fundamental notion there, that I agree with.

Life can be rough. Challenging times happen.

Accepting that and keeping focused on the things we can control is a very powerful skill.

We’re strong beings that are built to endure.

There’s a second notion that often gets tied in with this.

That notion is one of “Grind on. Don’t bitch about it. If you open up or express emotion, you’re soft.”

In reality, there’s a middle ground. One that, I would offer, is where the real strength is.

That place is where we’re able to express our needs, our concerns, and reach out for support, all while knowing in the end, it’s up to us.

The full tilt, HTFU, lone wolf warrior, often burns bridges, carries baggage and resentment, and lessens their potential to genuinely enjoy life.

The person that shows strength, faces challenges head on, builds connection, shows vulnerability, asks for support when needed, in my experience really gets the most out of life.

They take control of their future, and elevate others with them.

Burying our emotions is not strength (negation acknowledged).

True strength is being able to sit with those emotions, feel them, and face them.

It’s having the grit to welcome challenges and welcome support.

That’s where we truly control our future.

So, be tough, be resilient, and Open the Fuck Up.

Go forth and be awesome! And tough! And resilient! And Open!

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