Daily Debrief

Tracking progress can seem difficult when we are uncertain what we are attempting to track.

Often, we fall into the mindset that the only way to make progress is by being constantly busy.

In reality, that metric is very lacking.

We can occupy our time and stay busy with many things. Some may help, some may not.

It is more beneficial in the long run to focus on what we’re getting done.

I’m a huge fan of a daily pre-brief.

First thing in the morning, layout the important tasks for the day.

Keep the list short. One to three things at most.

What are the one to three things that will make the biggest progress today?

Write em down. Accomplish them. We’re done.

In the words of Andy Frisella: We’ve won the day.

From then on, we can do whatever we want.

We accomplished the things that matter. The rest is busy work.

It’s more often WHAT we are getting done that makes the biggest impact, **not** HOW MUCH. (Negation Acknowledged)

Get focused. Be consistent. Make progress.


I’m a huge fan of @andyfrisella and his daily power list. Check out his podcast on Winning The Day and give it a try!

Go forth and be awesome! 😎

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