The One Word Game

Replace one word of a sentence, and see how it impacts the feeling, meaning, and interpretation of the sentence.

I CAN’T make time to train.

I CAN make time to train.


I ALWAYS mess it up.

I OFTEN mess it up.

One of my all time favorites is:

I appreciate IT.

I appreciate YOU.

Simple. Seemingly subtle. Massively different.

A friend lends us money in a time of need.

Do you appreciate the money or do you appreciate the kindness and support of your friend being there for you?

Which response do you imagine will impact THEM more?

I’ve made it a point to make this shift in everyday life, and the impact has been incredible.

Even with complete strangers, it creates a connection that would otherwise be missed.

The server brings our food and checks on us.

“I appreciate YOU”

Receive a thank you card from a friend, or student.

“I appreciate YOU”

It’s genuine.

The person has the show up and perform the act.

I certainly appreciate the act. I appreciate the person more.

Let them know!

Words are powerful.

Have a bit of fun and explore the one word game.

Make some deep connections by telling people you appreciate THEM.

Go forth and be awesome! 😎

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