Beautiful or Terrifying

Beautiful and Terrifying

On a recent flight with my family, we had a bumpy ride.

At one point we were navigating around some thunderstorms.

Out the window, the lightning was lighting up the sky, jumping from cloud to cloud.

A spectacle for sure.

In those moments it can be easy, and certainly understandable to have fears creep in about safety.

The reality is, there’s very little in our control as a passenger inside an airplane at 30,000ft.

For some that fact may be terrifying.

For others, calming, or at least a fact that is simply accepted.

For some, a fact that may be blissfully ignored.

Either way, in that moment I was reminded of a powerful truth.

Many things may be out of our control, one thing that is in our control is how we respond.

That can be a difficult truth to work towards.

Yet, it is something that can be worked towards if we choose to.

That lightning was beautiful.

It’s the first time I’ve been able to see something like that in that context. From that view.

And for some, that same lightning was terrifying.

It depended on how the viewer chose to be in that moment.

Where they’re at in that moment.

How often in life, does the fear of the unknown, keep us from recognizing the incredible things right in front of us?

How do you respond to those situations that are out of your control?

It’s an interesting thought to explore.

Go forth and be awesome! 😎

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