Rep It Out

The efficacy of any technique lies primarily in the users ability and willingness to continually practice.

A great technique rarely practiced, is not worth much.

That is why…

“Drillers make killers” and

“You should fear the person that has practiced one technique a thousand times…” and

“Repetition is the mother of all skill.”

And all the other memorable lines have come about.

It’s also why claims like…

“Our system is guaranteed the best..” and

“Learn to defend yourself in six weeks or less.”

Are dangerous lies that pander to human desire to get instant gratification, and used to sell courses and make money.

The reality is, it relies on the user to put in the time.

No system can save us. No concept will protect us.

Only we can do that.

And like any skill, it takes time and dedication.

If we want to create effective humans that can protect themselves, it is best to create atmospheres, teaching methods, and systems that promote practice and repetition.

Promote the long game. Create a yearning for deep practice. A love for the process, the journey, the minutiae.

Go forth, rep it out, and be awesome! 😎

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