Own Your Choices

Wherever we are at in our lives, we got there due to our choices.

We often like to think that life just happens to us, and we’re along for the ride.

That mentality is, in fact, a choice.

A choice to let life take us where it wants.

A choice to surrender to circumstances.

To give up control.

The act of avoiding action, is a choice.

One thing we always control is how we respond to life.

What choices do we make when it seems there are no choices available?

We get where we are, by choice.

When we accept this responsibility, we free ourselves from the invisible chains that smother our potential.

That steal away joy and possibility.

We get to stop blaming our parents, our families, our spouses, our jobs, our communities, our circumstances, for what we do and where we are.

We get to take action.

Take control of the next step and blast our world wide open.

The choice to own our choices can be difficult, and the return on investment is immense.

Go forth and own your choices! 😎

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