The Perfect Day

It’s common to view life work as something we have to get through to get to the weekend, or that next vacation.

Often, there’s a lack of passion in our occupation, a lack of boundaries, or a lack of purpose.

Creating a life that is more aligned with what we want and enjoy, may be simpler than we imagine.

There’s a great drill to shine some light on this concept.

Grab your journal and write out what your perfect work day would look like.

How much do you sleep? What time do you get up?

Coffee? Breakfast? What kind?

Who’s there in the morning? Any music? Conversation?

What time do you start work? What time do you end work? What type of work are you doing?

What do you do after work? Playtime? Reading? Exercise?

What does night look like? When do you go to bed? Where do you sleep? Anyone with you?

Be as detailed as possible.

Spend time with this exercise.

When you finish, read through it a few times.

Let it sink in.

Does it feel right?

Sleep on it.

The next morning, ask yourself two questions.

1) How close is my current life to this situation?

2) What is one thing I can do this week, to move one step closer to this perfect day being my everyday?

Now take action.

Go forth and be awesome! 😎

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