Confidence From Training Bad Positions

Across the world in self defense training it’s common to hear hard and fast rules about what NOT to do.

“Do not go to the ground.”

“Don’t ever give up your back.”

And so on…

At the root of it, is some truth. In most cases, the intention is just.

In a crazy, violent encounter, those rules can be easier said than executed.

In our experience the best way to stay out of bad positions is to put ourselves in them in training.


Feel them. Explore them.

Become familiar with them. Learn to deconstruct them.

How do we get here? How do we escape here? How do we take advantage?

The confidence that comes from knowing we can get out of bad positions is what often gives us the ability to be aggressive and shut down the threat.

Find the positions and transitions you have the most trouble with and lean into them.

Put yourself in those spots frequently, and continue to do it until they become an asset.

Then go find the next one.

If we always train how to get to preferred positions without exploring less than preferred positions, we’re destined to learn hard lessons that we may not come back from.

Go forth and be awesome! 😎

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