Involved or Uninvolved

Get involved or stay uninvolved.

If there’s a change we want to see, we can choose to get involved.

If we do, it is best to be actively involved.

Something that moves the needle forward and makes an impact.

A friend loses their job: Help them rebuild their resume, find job opportunities, take them to lunch to talk, support them with money.

Feeling bad for them does nothing to help them unless it moves you too get involved.

A natural disaster strikes: Get on a plane and volunteer, donate money, send items to support.

Sending thoughts and prayers does nothing for them unless it moves you too get involved and support.

A rule or law is being put in place that we want to address: Go to public forums, meet face to face with people it impacts to discuss, vote for people locally that are in alignment with the views.

Being angry about it does nothing to create change unless it moves you too get directly involved.

Those are a few examples of potentially positive involvement.

Saying things like “I feel so bad for…”, posting or sharing opinions on social media, making emotionally charged decisions.

These all do only one thing: make us miserable.

Being miserable does nothing to help anyone. 😁

If we care enough to actually do something, than it would behoove us to get involved in a positive manner.

If we’re unwilling to get involved directly, and openly, we don’t actually care.

In that case, it’s best to simply stay uninvolved.

Not doing anything, is sometimes the best thing we can do for them and us.

Either way, it’s a choice.

Direct involvement, care, love, thoughtful conversation, connection leads to progress.

Go forth and be awesome! 😎

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