Building Resilience

True growth takes place at the intersection of intense emotional support, and unadulterated honesty.

One without the other often leads to resentment.

As a leader, this is important to know.

If we want to build resilience in someone, it is important for them to know they are supported.

Taking a step on a new path can be complicated, intimidating, and full of failure.

If we expect to guide people down that path, it’s our responsibility to walk alongside them.

Yet, love and support fall short removed of genuine honesty.

Hard conversations need to be had.

Feedback and accountability lead to better course correction.

Support without unedited feedback leads to dependency and false confidence.

Brutal honesty and grit, removed of caring and support often smother potential and creativity, and lead to injury, burnout, or anger.

If we really want to build resilient, capable, incredible lives, it happens with constant love, communication, feedback, vulnerability, discomfort, and accountability.

In my experience.

Go forth and be awesome! 😎

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