Learning, Training, and Testing

Learning, training, and testing are three different areas.

Learning is taking in something new.

It is often a bit foreign, sloppy.

It’s building a new pathway.

Training is refinement of a skill that we’ve already laid a rough blueprint of.

Myelination of a pathway.

The gradual climb of competency.


Testing is the opportunity to see what level of competency we have in a specific context, as part of a bigger picture, or against a high level of resistance.

An opportunity to discover where we are most competent and where we get to improve.

Understanding the difference in these areas is helpful.

Depending on where we’re at in our journey, the needs of our training, and the amount of training time available to us, we can learn to leverage each of these.

What their roles are, and where they best fit into any given training session.

Knowing the intention of the session and the metrics by which we determine progress is powerful.

How do you divide up your training time?

Are you neglecting an area?

Are you confusing learning or training, with the act of testing?

How can you apply this idea to optimize future training sessions?

Go forth and be awesome! 😎

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