Buying Satisfaction

Generally speaking, we have a tendency to seek satisfaction now at the cost of satisfaction later.

When we do this, we trade small amounts of cheap pleasure now, for extreme progress and satisfaction for our future self.

Training can be hard.

Sticking to a nutrition plan can be hard.

Having rough conversations can be hard.

It’s easier, and often, more immediately satisfying to to simply break from things like this.

Yet the price we pay in the future is often heavier than we can wrap our head around.

If we continue to chase those little bits of ease and immediate pleasure, we often find ourselves in the future lacking the true joy we could’ve had.

The payoff for walking towards struggle today is big for our future selves.

The next time you find yourself at one of these moments, take a second and ask yourself:

What could my future look like if choose to do this?

What could it look like if I don’t?

Your future self will thank you.

Go forth and be awesome! 😎

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