Strong Convictions Loosely Held

“Strong Convictions, Loosely Held.”

I heard that quote last week while listening to a podcast.

I feel like I’ve heard it in the past, yet, this time it stuck with me.

An incredible dichotomy.

It’s important to build a framework of beliefs that help steer our lives.

It gives us clarity in decision making, empowers us to set boundaries, and helps seek out like minded communities.

Without these beliefs, we’re often left floating in the wind, simply following the trends of others with no clear direction.

Yet, if we follow these beliefs blindly with a closed mind, we risk continuing down a path that is out of alignment with the person we’re becoming.

When we fortify those boundaries so much, we suppress our true ability to grow.

It’s important to challenge our beliefs, to explore new ideas, approach the world with an open mind.

By openly challenging those convictions, we have the opportunity to reinforce why they were important, evolve our current view of them, or realize that we have moved past them.

That’s powerful.

So I encourage you to explore your beliefs, your principles and vision.

Solidify why they are important to help guide your next moves.

And welcome new ideas, new thoughts, and new challenges to your current framework.

Go forth and be awesome! 😎

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