Know Your Why

Knowing our Why can be very powerful for accomplishing goals.

The deeper the understanding of the Why, the more we can fuel our decisions day to day.

Throughout our lives, our Why can shift and evolve, so keeping in touch with those adjustments are important.

Our Why can lift us to be at our best, as well as give us what is needed to manage our lowest.

For me, the health, love, and growth of these three faces are the foundation of everything I do.

They influence the books I read, and the knowledge I seek out.

They are the reason I train continuously and hard, just as much as they are the reason I focus deeply on recovery and my own health.

They are the reason I learn to be open, and loving, just as they are the reason I set harsh boundaries on where I spend my time and focus.

They are the reason I have sat with my thoughts to face the idea of death, and challenge, and adversity.

The reason I focus on joy, and play, and happiness.

They are the reason I am at peace with where I’m at, and always striving to be better.

They are the reason I see the best in people, and the reason I have journaled deeply on the idea of taking another life, and feel confident in my ability to do so.

They are the reason that I am capable of such wonderful things, just as well as why I spend time acknowledging I’m capable of terrible things.

The ability to openly face the best and worst moments of life, becomes stronger with a deep connection to our Why.

Preparing for the best and the worst, allows us to be present in our lives and show up the as the best version of ourselves in any moment.

I encourage you to sit, breathe, and journal on your why, and what that means for the brightest of places you want to go, and the hardest of moments that may be ahead.

Go forth and be awesome! 😎

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