Focused Savagery

“What if they have a really high level of knife training? Like Kali?”

“That would never work on a high level grappler.”

“You think someone untrained could really pull this off?”

Skill and experience are powerful attributes.

The more experience the attacker has, the more capable they are.

So if we’re unlucky enough to get attacked by an Olympic level wrestler who also happens to have a decade of knife training, we’re in for a pretty bad day. **Take out the pretty**

That’s more reason to get aggressive, fight hard, and get violent.

That fact, should encourage us to focus more on our own training.

That rule applies to the defenders as well.

We believe that our goal should be to continually increase our ability to be the savage one.

Training is the key to focused savagery… Read competency.

The more training we have, the higher our potential to avoid, deescalate, or survive an attack.

So will someone with very little training have a hard time defending against a capable and committed attacker with a knife? Absolutely.

Do they have a chance of surviving that encounter if they fight back aggressively? Absolutely.

Does that mean they shouldn’t bother to train? Absolutely not.

This is exactly why we train the way we do, and focus on the long term training path.

There are no fast and easy shortcuts when it comes to violence.

It takes time and energy, physical and emotionally.

And we all have to start somewhere.

So get to it and stay with it!😎

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