Between: Initial Impact and Escape

“Why would you choose to wrestle with someone with a knife?”

“Wouldn’t you want to run away?”

Valid points.

We definitely would prefer to create distance and either completely get away, or open up options to put a barrier between us, or access potential forms of higher force.

We’re big fans of choosing safety, and there are skills, drills, and concepts that can help mitigate instances that we find ourselves in dangerous situations.

That said, the bad guy gets a choice and knives are a close range weapon.

If the attacker chooses to engage us with a blade, these skills increase our ability to mitigate damage, move to better positions of control, or disengage.

That’s where we focus. The chaos found between initial impact of violence and where we want to get to.

We choose to spend hours upon hours drilling in this range, so that we can more quickly adapt to the fight in seconds.

Hoping or planning to simply disengage is different from training to have the skills to disengage in the event that they were able to get close to start with.

This training increases our confidence and overall competence, which allows us to make better decisions and actions, before, during, and after a situation.

Get training y’all 😎

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