A Lil Imposter Syndrome

A Lil Imposter Syndrome is a Gift

Imposter Syndrome is the feeling of inferiority, or lack of confidence in the ability to perform a task or duty in which we choose to perform.

That’s how I interpret it at least.

It can be a real son of bitch.

Crippling at times.

It keeps a lot of people from doing things or growing.

Yet, there’s a slight blessing in imposter syndrome if we CHOOSE to continue anyway.

It can help to keep us in a place with an open mind.

That, often constant, inner voice telling us we’re not qualified, can help fuel our desire to learn, to be open minded, to explore, to wonder, to listen, and in inquire.

It fuels the desire to be the most qualified through action.

That can be an incredible gift, because the moment we feel we have learned everything, is the moment we begin to degrade.

The best place to be, in my opinion, is where we know how much we’ve achieved and we’re keenly aware of everything we have yet to learn.

That’s powerful.

When we can celebrate the wins, and continue to explore the growth.

If you’re letting imposter syndrome hold you from taking action, flip the script.

Take that action, be comfortable where you’re at, and get excited about where you’re going.

Many great coaches still feel that nagging sensation.

Some feel it a ton.

And they push forward, and continue to evolve.

Realistically, we’re all limited in our experience, even if that experience is immense.

Smile and take that step.

Start gaining that experience.

And if you have lost your wonder for exploration, or think you’ve found all the answers… I suggest you reevaluate 😁

Go forth and be awesome! 😎

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