Injuries, Illness, and Set Backs

Injuries, Illness, and Set Backs

“Pissed I’m going to miss training today because of this cold.”

Going to rest and recover from this cold so I can keep my body healthy and continue to train.

“This constant back pain is keeping me from training and it’s killing me.”

I’ve adjusted my training to focus on optimizing movement so I can eliminate this constant back pain. Excited to learn a new way to move so I can continue to train.

“I’ve got a bad shoulder.”

I’m currently experiencing shoulder pain.

“I can’t do things like that, my knees are shit.”

I can focus on rehabbing and strengthening my knees so I can do more and keep moving.

“Man, I feel like I’ve hit a wall in training and it’s pissing me off.”

Training can seem difficult at times. By showing up and enjoying the process, I continue to make progress over time.

“My schedule is crazy so now I can’t train.”

My schedule changed, so I’m adjusting how I train to match it.

These are all actual lines I’ve heard from athletes over the last week or so.

Many are thoughts I’ve had over the years, as I imagine we all have.

Catching these words and changing them can be the difference between incredible success, and stagnation.

Every event in life, is an opportunity for growth.

Up to us to take action on it.

Go forth and be awesome! ­čśÄ

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