Resilience: The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

It’s important for us to give ourselves space to be vulnerable, to address emotion, and to pursue genuine self care.

Those tools add to our resiliency overall.

We do that, so when we do have difficulties we have more bandwidth to face the challenge, and potentially grind through it if needed.

In the common terms, having the ability to “harden the fuck up.”

That’s powerful.

We are in control of our future, and creating that future can be challenging.

There are in fact times we get to grind on.

To work crazy hours, spend time away from people we care about, and do the things we hate to do, so that we can in fact create the future we want, or support the people we love.

True resiliency is found in the ability to HTFU when needed, and the awareness to be present and sit with our emotions we necessary.

To work hard, stick to the plan, and push on, while also knowing that the point is to enjoy the moments, be comfortable where we’re at, and be grateful for what we have.

Doing only one or the other can feel good in the moment, often at the risk of the long term effects.

Grinding for the sake of grinding may feel good in the moment because we can flex on others about our incredible work ethic, yet, we miss important moments in life that we could’ve enjoyed had we allowed ourselves to be in the moment.

Spending all of our time making only decisions that make us happy in the moment, avoiding resistance, and imagining that joy is something that will just fall in our lap, gives us temporary hits of dopamine and in the long run, often makes us slaves to that sensation.

To live life to our fullest, it’s best to be grateful for every moment and every challenge, and to realize that life is full of challenges, and sadness, and frustration, and that’s ok.

In fact, it’s awesome.

So Harden the Fuck Up, and Open the Fuck Up.

Be tough, be vulnerable, work hard, rest hard, feel pain, feel joy.

That’s a wonderful place to be.

Go forth and be awesome! 😎

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