We have a tendency to try and compartmentalize life into neat categories.



Personalities, expectations, assumptions.

In my experience, life is much more complex and nuanced.

It’s possible to be doing really well, be happy, and also feel sadness.

It’s ok to feel both, or a multitude of emotions at any given time.

It’s possible to disagree deeply with another individual, and learn from them and respect them.

We can expand our worldview by walking into those relationships with curiosity.

Falling into the trap of “One or the Other” often creates unnecessary conflict in our lives.

There’s a ton of power in the word AND.

“I’m doing so well, AND at times things are tough.”

“I love my career, AND I’m nervous AND excited to grow past it.”

“I really disagree with their opinion on this AND I have things in common with them.”

When we embrace the complexity of humans, we give ourselves permission to be present and open, instead of trying to put singular labels on ourselves, our emotions, and others we encounter.

Go forth and be awesome! 😎

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