Self Regulate

A coach that can self regulate, is better prepared to help others achieve their goals.

Putting in the work to learn how to face our past, to learn to breathe, improve mindfulness, regulate stress, and get our own house in order is important as a coach.

The more we sort out our own ability in these areas, the more we can show up for others.

When we ignore our own stresses and struggles, we let those things seep into how we view others, speak to others, motivate others, and impact others.

We are biased and emotional beings.

The more we work on ourselves, the more direct and genuine we can be at others, meeting them where they’re at.

Being “tough” or ignoring issues, is doing a disservice to ourselves, our students, our loved ones, and our future.

Work on yourself first, and see how your world changes.

Go forth and be awesome! 😎

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