Overnight Success

Overnight success is only ten years away 😎

In a world hyper focused on social media, it can be easy to imagine that people regularly become successful overnight.

There are certainly examples of people that strike fame fast out of nowhere.

In most cases, the reality is that, we simply weren’t aware of all the years of work, growth, failure, adjustment, struggle, and evolution leading up to the moment they caught traction.

This is important to realize for a few reasons:

1️⃣ When we realize that consistent work over a long time is what often leads to success, we can focus our attention on the journey, and on that consistency. We are better set to realize that, we too can do something big if we continue to show up.

2️⃣ It allows us to embrace the speed bumps, road blocks, failures, and outright fuck ups, for what they are: golden experience and knowledge

3️⃣ It helps to remove ourselves from the comparison trap, where we constantly size ourselves up against others successes in this moment, to cut ourselves down, or resent their successes because we imagine we’re not where we deserve to be.

The real secret, in my experience, is to be completely at peace with where you’re at, and excited for where you can go if you choose to.

Stay in that space, and before you know it, those little shimmers of success will happen to you…’Overnight’

Go forth and be awesome! 😎

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