Failure is the Process

Failure is the process.

In any given endeavor, we tend to spend a lot of time avoiding failure.

Of course this is a good overall thought, and any adventure should be focused on success.

However, in my experience, this hyperfocus on avoiding failure, leads to disappointment and resistance when we do in fact fail.

Failure is inevitable at some level.

Yet, those failure points, often lead to the most impactful lessons which give us the biggest progress.

The path to success, or progress, or peace, or simply life, is full of bumps, set backs, and perceived failure.

When we change our focus to realize that, these are the moments where we can learn, evolve, and grow, it changes our potential to create the future we want for ourselves.

Failure is part of growth.

If you take the time to see it, you’ll realize, it’s often the most beautiful part of it.

Any success I currently have, has come through exponentially larger amounts of failure or discomfort.

That simple fact, is why I often look forward to those moments.

Those failures are growth opportunities, and when you can get as excited about growth opportunities as you do for success…

Well that’s a special place.

Go forth and be awesome…and fail a little bit 😎


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