Write It Down

Trying to track our words in our heads can be difficult.

We can have so many thoughts running through our head quickly, especially when we’re overwhelmed.

That’s one of the many reasons why journaling is so powerful.

It forces us to slow down and allows us to analyze our thoughts and words.

“Writing is thinking.”

The next few weeks, I’ll lay out journaling exercises that have helped me over the years.


“Establish the Habit”

Often, the hardest part of any practice is establishing the habit of doing it.

In the words of James Clear, a habit must be established before it can be optimized.

Grab a journal and a sexy pen.

Set a timer for two minutes and write.

Whatever comes to mind.

It can be a list of things to do that day, a random idea you have, how you’re feeling in that moment, etc…

Under think it.

Start the habit of writing everyday, and make that habit as easy as possible to establish.

Two minutes.

That’s it.

That’s where the magic starts 🪄✨

Go forth and be awesome!  😎


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