What’s the Worst that Could Happen?

What’s the Worst that Can Happen?

In life, it’s inevitable that we run into challenges.

Some are greater than others.

In the moments of true struggle it’s easy to find ourselves imagining a dismal future.

In those moments we tend to ask rhetorical questions like “What am I going to do if…?” or “How can I possibly…?” and so on.

The fun part is, these are great questions to ask.

The problem is that we rarely take the time to answer them.

When you find yourself asking these questions, bust out the journal and take time to answer them.

What would you do if you were severely injured?

What about if your house caught on fire?

Or suddenly a loved one dies?

What happens if you lose your job, or your business hits an unexpected issue that crumbles it?

We often avoid thinking about tragedy because we can’t begin to imagine the terror ahead.

Yet, if we take time to sit with these questions and lay out a plan, we actually prepare ourselves for that potential future and how we can overcome it.

Facing those issues during times of calm, are much easier than in the midst.

Yet, this is a powerful exercise to face those moments when we’re in them.

So, what big decisions or plausible catastrophes have you been avoiding?

Sit with them and write out the challenges, and the strategies.

P.S. I used this exact method in the early phases of the pandemic when I watched countless gyms close for good and several successful instructors buckle under the pressure of sweeping change in their comfortable business model.

This exercise gave me the ability to create multiple plans, for multiple scenarios, and in turn, gave me the confidence needed to face any issue ahead.

Having a plan for shitty situations is a Jedi move.

Go forth and be awesome!  😎

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