The Perfect Day

Having long term goals and plans is incredibly important for creating the future we want.

It can also be complicated to think that far ahead, or see what the path is to get there.

A few years back I had the pleasure of going through the Strong Coach program created by Mike Bledsoe.

During that program, we did several journaling exercises to help identify our long-term goals, and where we wanted to be ten years out

One that stood out for me was called The Perfect Day.

We set aside 15-20 minutes to describe our perfect “work” day.

When do we wake up? What do we eat/drink? Who are we with? What work are we doing? How long do we work? What do we do for fun, enjoyment, fulfillment? Where do we live? Etc…

By identifying all these key details and elements, we begin to identify goals and milestones.

If we were in a different location, then what things do we need to do to make that move?

If we work a different schedule or type of work, what is the first step to moving towards that new schedule or career?

If we’re with certain people, what can we do to begin to create those relationships, or block off that time for those people?

Little by little, it begins to expose the pathway to the future we want to build, and how we can turn each and every day, into a day that has meaning and brings joy.

So, set aside time today, and write out your perfect work day.

Be specific, and see where this journey takes you.

You may be surprised at how accessible that perfect day is over a meaningful timeline.

I can say that, since I’ve done this exercise, my life has more and more resembled that perfect day, consistently, every day.

Because I found the direction, and took the steps to create it.

I’m only 10 acres of land away from exactly what I described in my first exercise.

Go forth and be awesome!  😎

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