The Daily Debrief

Keeping a finger on the pulse of progress can be incredibly beneficial.

Just as much, keeping our focus on the path toward our goals is important as well.

It can be easy to get distracted from our overall goals, by the hundreds of other pieces of life.

A simple and powerful way to fuel motivation, assess progress, and refine direction comes from a daily debrief.

Set aside fifteen minutes and answer the following three questions:

What’s one thing I did well or one win from today in regards to my primary goal?

What’s one thing I want to improve upon, adjust, or evolve tomorrow?

What’s the one action I’m going to take, or task I’m going to complete tomorrow to continue in my progress?

You can adjust these questions to better fit your current goal or support your current trajectory.

You can adjust the frequency of when you do this exercise.

The key will be consistency.

So set your primary goal or focus, and add this to your routine.

**This may sound familiar. If you’ve been following me, these are similar questions to what I use in my debriefs after classes and seminars. Simple and powerful.

Go forth and be awesome!  😎


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