Paying Rent

Success in any endeavor is fluid.

Consistency is rarely guaranteed.

It requires constant care, work, and attention to maintain, let alone progress.

We often imagine that once we achieve a position, milestone, or goal that we own it.

Complacency results in degradation, not simply stagnation.

Being healthy takes work, and so does staying healthy.

Gaining strength takes time and work, and so does staying strong.

Becoming a great coach takes time and practice, and so does continuing to be a great coach.

The ability to defend ourselves and our loved ones takes work, and so does maintaining the ability to do so.

Being a great parent, a great spouse, a successful business person, an impactful leader…

It takes work to get there, work to maintain it, and even more work to progress forward.

We’re leasing these areas in life, and rent is due to keep it.

Rent is the time, attention, and work we put in.

The higher the position or landmark, the higher the rent.

The lower the rent we’re willing to put in, the lower we fall.

We get to choose where we want to go, and we get to choose the amount of rent we’re willing to pay in any moment.

The one constant is that rent is due, and it’s up to us to pay it.

If we choose not to, then we are responsible for the results.

Go forth and be awesome!  😎


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