Feeling Energy

I recently had a great conversation with @policeposts and we began talking about feeling energy, what that means, and how you develop that ability. 

It’s something I talk about a ton in the KCC program, and I believe is important to put on the radar for people as early as possible.

In my opinion, feeling energy is the sixth sense that is developed through consistent exposure. 

The ability to recognize something at it’s earliest moments, so we can shorten our reaction/response time. 

The ability to sense a right hook coming before it has even been thrown, because a small shift in weight and angle.

The ability to judge the timing on movement during grappling to hit the perfect double leg without thinking about the steps to do it.

It’s also the ability to read body language and communication to determine the intentions of an individual or likelihood of danger.

In short it’s the ability to sense the tiny shifts and adjustments that are initially invisible to the untrained. 

The only way to develop this sense of feeling in my experience is through intention and repetition. 

Continuous exposure is the absolute must. 

Intention is the force multiplier. 

You can build this sixth sense through simple repetition, yet, to optimize the growth takes intention.

The person that has done 1,000 double legs will be able to feel energy at a much higher level than the person with 100 reps. 

The person with 1,000 intentional reps, will sense that same energy much earlier than the person that did 1,000 reps without intention.

Someone that can feel energy sooner, and respond faster, often is warranted a larger margin of error when it comes to the proficiency of a response.

This takes time and is powerful if focused on.

So get to work, get the reps, and start to develop that sixth sense around the things that matter for you.

Go forth and be awesome!  😎


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