Responsibility and Communication

Responsibility and Communication

Our decisions, struggles, and future are our responsibility.

Ours alone.

Living life with others means we get to choose to communicate with those around us if support is needed.

If we choose *not* to communicate, we forfeit the right to complain or feel bad when that support is not given.

If we choose to communicate with others and seek support, it’s important to remember that, it is still our sole responsibility to manage our decisions, struggles, and future.

Asking for support *is not* handing over responsibility.

If support is given, that is good.

If support isn’t given, the responsibility is still ours, and was never theirs to be required to accept.

It’s certainly good to surround ourselves with people that want to and can support us when we ask, yet, it is important to remember, they are also solely responsible for the decisions, struggles, and future of themselves.

They may not be in a position to support physically, intellectually, emotionally, or effectively at that time.

Getting upset, angry, or judgemental when support is not given, does more to harm us, then to help.

It is also based on set expectations, that more often than not, we imagined in our heads without consulting the other person.

So in short, remember:

We are the only ones responsible for our decisions, struggles, and future.

If support is desired, it is up to us to clearly and honestly communicate that desire.

If we ask for support, we should do so without any expectation of the person we are asking.

If support is given, or not given, we are still responsible for our decisions, struggles, and future.

Go forth and be awesome!  😎


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