Less Training / More Violence

Throwback Post from 2019

Less Training Equals More Violence

Being violent is something we should all endeavor to avoid.

The reality, that we often avoid, is that the the less time we spend training, the more violent we are required to be to protect ourselves, should the time arise.

Simple fact.

It is significantly easier to shoot, stab, burn, and bludgeon, than it is to communicate, control, and deescalate.

Those last three take training.

They require an acceptance of things we disagree with, such as violence.

A level of comfort in that discomfort.

To gain that comfort, you must put in the time in that discomfort.

Someone that has trained for ten years in how to break a human being is significantly more capable of doing the exact opposite when that option is available.

When you have minimal to no training, you either submit your life completely, or you must rely on chaos and violence.

The implications of that physically, psychologically, legally, and financially are incredible.

Noodle on that for a minute.

Go forth and be awesome!   😎

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