Be a Good Person

Be a good person.

Simple goal that can be difficult.

With all the division and craziness in the world, it can seem complicated to make progress in the grand scheme.

Yet, individually, we make up the grand scheme.

And we can control ourselves.

So smile, say thank you, work hard, take time to work on yourself, give people grace and remember they’ve got shit they’re dealing with too.

Focus on what you control, and let the rest ride.

On the hard days when doing the above is tough, it’s all good.

It happens.

The key there is to *NOT* be a dick.

Don’t add to the chaos.

Again… That can be difficult, and that’s life.

Those are the days to focus on ourselves.

Try to do something that makes our lives 1% more joyful.

Keep it simple, be a good person.

Go forth and be awesome! 😎

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