Soft Talk is a Real Killer

Soft Talk will murder your goals before you even get started. This is a great time to start the Soft Talk Challenge!

“I really think I should start working out.”

I should start working out.

I will work out.

“It’s probably best if I get more sleep.”

It’s best if I get more sleep.

I will get more sleep tonight.

“I might take a week off to relax this year.”

I will take a week off to relax this year.

“Maybe if I start promoting more, I’ll increase business.”

If I promote more, I’ll increase business.

I’m going to create a marketing plan tomorrow.

Soft Talk is a real killer.

Simple words that create uncertainty, indecision, and ambiguity.

When we remove these words, things tend to move forward, and often faster.

Write the following words down on paper, hang it where you can see it everyday, take one week, and try to remove these words from your daily talk

Might, maybe, possibly, I think, probably, perhaps, feels like, I guess, sort of, kind of, potentially, hopefully, try, one day, almost, like.

Go forth and be awesome! 😎

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