Choose Stress

Stress can blindside us at any moment.

When we’re unable to prepare for the unknowable, it can be difficult to manage things the way we’d like.

That’s why it’s important to choose to face stressful situations voluntarily.

By voluntarily facing stress, we can begin to create a plan for dealing with it.

Evolve skills and processes that we can implement in those moments when we are caught off guard.

Much like training for self defense, the skills need to be practiced in a controlled environment BEFORE a real attack, if we want to optimize our ability to survive, and thrive.

Breath work, language, and journaling are powerful tools for dealing with stress.

This is a proactive way to FACE stress, and maintain control.

This is important to learn because shutting down, blocking out, or “getting tough” is avoiding stress, *not* facing it and growing from it.

By aligning these tools with predictable stress, we can learn how to utilize them better in those unpredictable moments.

Taking an ice bath, speaking in front of a large group, talking about a previous traumatic event, trying something new.

These are all forms of predictable stress that we can use as the stimulus to practice the tools above.

Stress WILL choose us at some point.

By voluntarily choosing stress on our own terms, meaningfully, we create better resilience and improve our ability to face it down when it comes.

Pick your tool, pick your stress, and walk into it

Go forth and be awesome! 😎


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