Walking Away

It’s Arnold week here in Columbus.

For the last nine years (with the exception of 2021), I’ve spent this week running around putting the finishing touches on the events as a chairman for the “functional fitness” section.

The Arnold was always a chaotic, stressful, and beautiful weekend.

A place where we could connect with our friends from all over the Midwest, and meet new friends from all over the US.

I have so many incredible memories of this event.

Memories that will stick with me for a lifetime.

And last year, I officially stepped away.

I was no longer serving the event, and the community how it deserved.

The circumstances around the event in 2020 really challenged me mentally.

Combine that with some new perspective on what I truly cared about, and I realized if I stayed on in that role, I’d do more harm than good.

Many people recognized it in me last year.

I wasn’t the same person during that weekend.

That can be a tough place to be.

To walk away from something that at one point, meant so much to you.

And in the same breath, to do that because you realize, you would be the one that holds it back.

Two important questions to ask about any major part of our lives:

Is this still serving me and my goals?

Am I still serving this project?

The answer may be difficult, yet, if you truly care about yourself and that ‘thing’, you’ll be honest and do what is necessary for it to grow.

This year, I’ll volunteer a bit at the event, and focus on competing in BJJ.

I’m excited for the ability to get to fully enjoy The Arnold experience again, and more excited to see the incredible things that they’re doing with the event.

They’ve worked tirelessly to put together a fun and exciting event for all.

If you’re in the area, I hope you’ll stop by and support the team putting on The Affiliate Gathering.

Go forth and be awesome!


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