Positive Focus

As humans, we’re wired to focus on bad experiences.

It’s a simple survival process.

“That was bad. We don’t like bad. Let’s remember this so we avoid it.”

Often, the problem is that, the things we focus on, tend to become true.

That’s why it can be easy to let one bad moment overshadow many moments that are neutral, good, or even great.

One disagreement with a family member, can cancel out years of great memories.

One misstep on a project, can convince us that we are a failure, even though we have had multiple successes leading up to that.

One bad training session or competition loss, strikes out years of growth and progress.

Negative experiences are important to learn from, and should be given respect.

More so, it is important to keep our eyes fixed on the wins as well.

This is the magic behind simple gratitude exercises and mindsets.

Focusing on the positive *is not* ignoring the negative.

It’s a reminder that life is both, and the ones we focus on the most, will take charge.

Go forth and be awesome!ğŸ˜Ž


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