Focus is Fuel

Where we direct that focus is where we make progress.

If we spread that focus in too many directions, we stifle progress.

There isn’t enough fuel in any given area to get things moving.

That often causes burn out, frustration, resentment, etc…

We’re spending all this time and energy, and seem to be stuck in the same spot, or making minimal gain in any given area.

When we keep the majority of our focus and energy in one area, we make progress.

If we keep that energy there for a significant amount of time, we can start to gain tons of momentum, and really solidify things.

This reigns true in life, in training, and in coaching.

As coaches, it’s easy to jump on every opportunity, and be everything, everyone wants us to be.

We try to learn, teach, and/or develop too many types of programs at any given time, and fall short of our potential in each of them.

Saying no to opportunities that lay outside of our current focus, will often launch us farther, faster.

Time + Focus = Competency = Lasting Results

This is something I battled with a ton coming up as a coach and business owner.

Something I’ve leveraged a ton in recent years.

Tighten your focus, and you’ll improve your progress.

Go forth and be awesome! 😎


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