Self Reflection

The ability to recognize our role in any given situation is important for creating good connections with others, and living joyful lives.

When we refuse to reflect on our actions, words, thoughts, and impact, we begin to deflect responsibility on other people or things outside of our control.

This often leads to difficulty building trust in others, and others building trust in us.

Without significant bonds with others, we can become isolated, which in turn makes it easier to deflect and blame others for that sense of loneliness.

When we have the ability to reflect, instead of deflect, we can focus on the things we control.

We can better recognize the people that are a positive influence in our lives and build deeper connections in those spaces.

As we build those connections, we are more likely to create a community of support and positive influence around us.

That’s invaluable.

As my friend Mark England would say “The way forward, is within.”

Go forth and be awesome! 😎


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