Face to Face

Improve communication with one simple trick.

Talk to people face to face. 

In today’s world, the vast majority of us spend more time communicating through text, email, and social media than we do interacting with people in person.

Yet, proper communication is built of way more than just our words. 

It’s a combination of facial expressions, eye contact, body language, tone, movement, touch, space, and so much more.

These pieces help to fill in the gaps, and give more definition to the conversation. 

They build context.

They build connection.

When we communicate specifically through text, we remove these pieces, and often, those gaps are filled with the other persons blind interpretation. 

This is often made even worse by the fact that writing, and creating imagery through words is a skill. 

One that the vast majority of humans lack. 

It’s the difference between a story written by a nine year old, and one crafted by Mark Twain. 

Certainly text, email, and social media are areas where we will communicate, so my suggestion is twofold:

1. Make it a point to communicate as often as you can in person. Make sure to have important conversations face to face, whenever possible. Especially if it involves a potentially negative topic. 

2. The perk of writing, is that we can take time to use the appropriate words, so it’s important that we make sure to refine our ability to craft those words. Take the art of language on as a skill to improve your life!

Go forth and be awesome! 😎


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